Reasons Why You Should Start A Business In Dubai

Dubai has undergone a gradual transition from an oil- dependent economy to an innovation and technology driven economy and there are apparent reasons why you should start a Business in Dubai

World-class infrastructure

Dubai is the 3rd busiest airport in the world, with well-maintained roads, ultra-modern buildings and architecture, excellent public transport and connectivity, it is one of the most luxurious cities in the world

Geocentric location

Dubai, due to its peculiar geographical location, attracts investors from all across the globe. All major airline companies operate in Dubai and it also has the most modern seaport facilities as well.

Hassle-free business

On the basis of the studies by the World Bank, UAE stands proud on the 11th rank in the Ease of Doing Business category. You may start your business in Dubai within 7 days, provided the documentation and other prerequisites are accomplished. In addition to that Investors can also benefit from tax reductions, free zone benefits, control over assets etc.

Free trade policy

Governmental control and restrictions over private business entities in Dubai are insignificant as it promotes free trade. The employer can recruit employees from any country as the employment-related rules are investor-friendly.


One of the reasons why Dubai is a favourite among investors is it being Tax-Free. Free Zone and Mainland companies are exempted from income tax. The Government of Dubai has established Tax-Free zones to support businesses and help them flourish.

World happiness index

As per the World Happiness Report 2019, UAE acquired the very first ranking in the Middle-east which means that the expatriates who live in the UAE are the happiest among the Arab nations. Therefore, the increasing Happiness index brings in more foreign investment and trade in the UAE

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